Spend New Year’s Eve Rocking Out to Smash Mouth at M15

Spend New Year's Eve Rocking Out to Smash Mouth at M15

If you are still trying to figure out what to do on New Year’s Eve, there are some concerts near Lake Forest you will enjoy. It is a great time to get out and have a great time with others in our community. Spend New Year’s Eve rocking out to Smash Mouth at M15. It […]

Dine on a MH Burger at the Market House in Lake Forest

Market House on the Square

There are always several places you can go when you’re looking for restaurants in Lake Forest where you can enjoy a delicious meal alone, with someone special, or with your friends or family. This is true, no matter what type of culinary experience you’re seeking. If you’d like to get out of the kitchen of […]

Plan a Night Bowling at Forest Lanes in Lake Forest

Wikimedia Commons

For a fun night out with friends, there are many things you can do. Have you considered checking out the bowling in Lake Forest? This is a great way to enjoy some fun that includes exercise. If you’re looking for fun local activities, take your family out for bowling at Forest Lanes in Lake Forest. You […]

Don’t Miss the Grand Opening of the Lake Forest Recreation Center

Don't Miss the Grand Opening of the Lake Forest Recreation Center

While running, jogging, or biking outside has been lovely the last several weeks, it is slowly becoming colder, meaning you need an indoor exercising venue. On November 1st, the Lake Forest Recreation Center will provide residents that place during their grand opening ceremony from noon to 4 pm. You might also be interested in community events in […]

Train Your Bellecour Way Cat to Keep Its Claws Off the Furniture

Bellecour Way Cat

Our pet-friendly apartments in Lake Forest have plenty of features that you’ll love, and lots of room for you to fill with your furnishings and other belongings.  If you move in with your cat or adopt one from a local shelter, you may have items in your apartment that your cat might find fun to […]

A Night of Scary Fun at Lake Forest’s Haunt at Heritage Hill

Haunt at Heritage Hill

Halloween is a great day to have fun with things that are generally scary. You can really have a great time by joining some of the Halloween events in Lake Forest. Come and be apart of a night of scary fun at Lake Forest’s Haunt at Heritage Hill. The Haunt is on Oct. 17 and runs […]

Spend a Day at the Lake Forest Autumn Harvest Festival

Lake Forest Autumn Harvest Festival

The coming autumn is a beautiful and picturesque time in our area. The trees will be changing and the coming chill will make for crisp and refreshing days spent outdoors. We love telling the residents of our luxury community about the many activities and fall festivals in Lake Forest. If you want to celebrate the […]

Muddy Puppy? Clean ‘em at This DIY Dog Wash Near Lake Forest

Muddy Puppy Dog Wash

August can be the hottest month of the year and your dog has had all summer to get dirty and smelly. Did you know that there is a really cool DIY Dog Wash near Lake Forest called Muddy Puppy? At Muddy Puppy, you can bathe your dog yourself or you can drop him or her off […]

Stay Local During Shop & Dine Lake Forest Week

Shop and Dine Lake Forest Week

Why go elsewhere to shop when there is great shopping in Lake Forest already? Support local businesses year-round, but especially during Shop and Dine Lake Forest Week. The launch part for the week is Sept. 7 from 12 noon to 3 p.m. at The Orchard Shopping Center. This free event will feature live music, performances […]

3 Pet Services in Lake Forest You Should Know

3 Pet Services in Lake Forest You Should Know

Being a good pet owner demands that you take care of all your pet’s needs, from regular walks and proper dog training to suitable medical care. At our pet-friendly apartments in Lake Forest, your pets get the level of attention they deserve and are close to all of the essential pet services. One of the main […]

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